Our Pastors

The pastoral leadership, or Clergy, at Jubilee Fellowship is made up of three priests and one deaconess. At the outset of this church ministry, God's leading was to make Him our Bishop and Chief Pastor with the Clergy Council members equal under Christ. Though this arrangement differs from most church ministries, we are grateful to God for His wisdom in leading us this way. True unity and unified leadership is not accomplished by any method of men but rather by submitting joyfully to God and following the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Jubilee Fellowship is blessed to have the diversity of multiple pastors yet be single in the purposes of God.


The Rev. Bill Foss

Bill was 32 years old when he came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through the testimony of a professional football player and intense reading of the Gospel of John. He experienced the reality of being called out of darkness and into God's marvelous light (1 Peter 2:9b). His relationship with God is shown by his fervent love of the Scriptures, which he dearly embraces and is quick to share with others. Truly, the joy of the Lord is his strength (Nehemiah 8:10b) and his testimony is, "Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me." (Psalm 54:4).


The Rev. Doug Gillis

Doug has been in ordained ministry since 1976. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry and Counseling in 2000 and was ordained as a priest in 2008 He, along with his wife, Carla, have served on the foreign mission field and at different churches in the U.S. Doug has also been leading praise and worship since 1974. He knows the importance of keeping a fresh intimate relationship with God and expressing the leading and presence of the Holy Spirit in all facets of ministry.


The Rev. Malcolm Norse

Malcolm was ordained in 1989 as a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was the pastor of several Four Square Churches before receiving Holy Orders of Priesthood in 2008. In the year 2000, he received his Bachelor of Divinity. Throughout his ministry, Malcolm's vision has been to share Jesus Christ's message of peace and love. He wants all people to know who they are in Christ Jesus and to preach the whole gospel. His passion is helping homeless children who otherwise wouldn’t have a chance.


The Rev. Deaconess Ellen Monk

As a disciple, a follower and lover of the Lord Jesus Christ, Ellen has dedicated most of her career and her energy to further the Kingdom of God. As a full-time church staff member, Commissioned Pastoral Minister, and Ordained Deacon, she has served in many ministry capacities: Christian Education and Incorporation Director; Administrator; and Director of Pastoral Ministries and Church Programs. She currently serves on the boards of two para-church ministries and is a founding member of I-HOP Jax, a prayer and worship center. Her ministry passions are teaching, pastoral ministry and intercessory prayer. She was married for 42 years having two sons and three grandsons.